Hemp Blocks


Hemp Blocks

Description Size
HB80 500 x 200 x 80
HB120 500 x 200 x 120
HB250 500 x 200 x 250
HB300 500 x 200 x 300


Hemp blocks are the most accessible form of hempcrete, they are easy to use and require no special tools or machinery. They are light, easy to handle and with their size progress on site is very quick.

  • Internal or external solid wall insulation to existing properties.
  • New build walls around a steel frame or oak/ glu-lam feature frame.
  • New build walls in conjunction with a stud timber frame.
  • Floor insulation.
  • Roof insulation.
  • Internal wall where high acoustic performance is desired.
  • Intermediate floor insulation where high acoustic performance is desired.
  • Sensitive restorations